can i join tj?

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can i join tj? Empty can i join tj?

Post  Deathsound. on Fri Apr 17, 2009 10:06 am

Personal Information
Xfire name:barre4barry
Do you have a Headset:yes

ET information
ET name:Deathsound
How long do you play ET:2 years
How long do you play a week:few hours
Clans you have ever been in:Ex
Highest rank in a clan:A-admin
How long do you play on the ELX server:1year
Give us 1 good reason for joining ELX:i jump good
Can u donate us for pay the server:no
Which server you want to join?? HS, Pub or TJ:tj
Xp u got? for hs = 2k xp needed for public 10k needed, regular jumps for TJ:i can play neji jump out


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