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Recruiting Rules

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Recruiting Rules Empty Recruiting Rules

Post  dodo Thu Apr 16, 2009 9:50 am

Here are the Recruiting Rules

1: Player must have 2000xp and needs to put [r] in front of his name.
2: Player must be active at Server and on Forum.
3: Player must be loyal to admins en other guests
4: Player must have his accurary above 29
5: Player must have good teamwork.
6: Player must first make a Joinrequest
7: If the player asks for lvl 1, don't recruit him, it's a sign of admin hunt.
8: Don't recruit the player straight when he has made his join request, but wait 2 days and in the 2 days u have to observe him for the rules I wrote down.

Recruiter pls do this good and don't recruit the noobs


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